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  IFSECINTERNATIONAL dates back from 1972,which has been held for 46 years already.IFSEC comes with clear theme and market localization,professional exhibitors.After 40 years development,IFSEC has been being an influential and famed fair in the world.It brings magnetic effect in exhibition industry,one of the top 3 most influential security fairs in the world.Not only new product launching yearly,but also buyers’procurement,they always consider IFSEC as a significant platform to show their latest products or make deals.In security industry,there is a saying,Seeing trends in USA,Trading in UK. YLI Electronic(Asia)Ltd is attending this exhibition with innovative and creative electric locks.

  YLI brings brand new 280kgs and 500kgs electromagnetic locks with super big LED,lighting on the side,which are fashionable,minimalist as well.

  On IFSEC,you will find our latest intelligent electric bolt lock YB-620(LED) with cylinder and YB-660 with doorknob.YLI is the only one manufacturer who designs and produces bolt with 20mm diameter by 304 stainless steel in China.They are suitable for installation with various door frame,additionally,come with 2000kgs holding force,all metal design within linkage part.Under extreme temperatures(0℃to 60℃),they will work normally,adapt professional and durable magnetic valve,special photoelectric controlling&low consumption design,smart circuit,intrusion prevention circuit etc.You may be aware that that they are multifunctional,fulling your requirement on heavy door or some scenes needing high level of security,such as prisons,arsenals,banks,data centers etc.It will be your best choice relating these situations.

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