Single Door Keypad
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Rfid/Digital Access Control Keypad
YK-368-R is a numeric digital keypad specially designed for Electric Locking and access control security systems,has both multiple individual codes and single common code models for customers option;choose to press # or choose automatic code verification by entering passwords,keypads can work with exit buttons,door bell keypads are also equipped with some security tools like self-locking and Tamper alarming,programming on the keypad itself.Easy operation,simple programming convenient use and reliable quality makes YK-368-R a perfect choice for applications in office,real estates,factories etc.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimensions 117Lx73Wx40D(mm)
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Current Drain Quiescent State = 22mA,Active State=72mA ( Relay actuated, all LED lighted)
Relay Output Contacts N.O. and N.C. Dry Contacts, Max Rating of Contact Current 3A / 24V DC
Capacity of Recording

250 ID Cards, 250 Codes or 1 Common Code

Card Reading Distance Max Distance 6 CM
Type of ID Card ID Card, 125 KHZ
Weight: 0.22kg

3 operations for door opening,Card/Code/Card+Code

1 Relay output

250 Card,250 codes or 1 common code optional

Password or automatic verification optional 

Keypad Locks for 30 Seconds After 10 False Entries or 10 wrong card readings.

Tamper contact can be Connected to Alarming systems.

Non-volatile Memory upon Power Failure.

Tamper Switch available for Security Alarm System.

Grade 2 Back light flashing on digit pressing



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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 50
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 45*32*33
Gross Weight(KG) 11.5
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