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Door Release Button
PBK-814C is a stainless steel door release button with size of 86Lx86Wx31H(mm), which is the most common and the most frequently used in the access control systems.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimensions 86Lx86Wx26.5H(mm)
Standard Structure Stainless steel Panel, Steel Button
Current Rating [email protected] Max
Output Contact NO/COM
Mechanical Life 500000 tested
Suitable for Door  Hollow Door
Operating temp 10~+55℃(14-131F)
Operating Humidity  0-95% (  relative humidity)
Panel Material  Stainless steel Panel, Wire Drawing Finished
Weight  0.2kg

Stainless steel Panel with Elegant Style.

500000 Cycles tests.

Many Kinds of Colour, Applicable to and the Place.

Three Contact Output,Suitable for all kinds of Locks.

The Best Choice for Access Control.



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