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Fail Safe electric bolt W/signal, time,& open wire
YB-700A (LED) is an Fail Safe electric bolt with all-metal construction.with 304 stainless steel solid bolt and 2000kg holding force. The Door signal is NC.It can operate at the temperature of 60 ℃ or -40 ℃ below zero based on the all-metal linkage parts. With the diversified design of durable magnetic valve, special photoelectric control system, ultra-low temperature and power consumption design, anti-intrusion and smart circuit.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Feature Fail Safe
Face Plate 225Lx34WX38H(mm)
Strike 100Lx25Wx3W(mm)
Bolt 16(length)*16(diameter)(mm)
Voltage DC12V+10%
Start Current 1200mA
Standby Current 200mA
Solid Bolt polishing housing, 2000Kg Holding Force
Suitable For
 Heavy door;Wooden door; Metal door 
LED Light on indicates locked, light off indicates unlocked
Autolock Time Delay 0,3,6,9sec
Signal Output Lock signal:NO/NC/COM
Door signal:NO/COM
LED Light on indicates locked, light off indicates unlocked
Surface Temp Low Temperature
Detection Distance Within 8mm
Special Designed Tested to 500000 cycles
Material 304 stainless steel, wire draw finishing
Weight 1.0kg
Low Temperature, safe & Durable.
Low Power, Environmental Protection.
Special photoelectricity control,three steps current application.
Long Life  with 500000 Operations.
MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection.
Superior Strength Aluminium Alloy,Solid Stainless Steel Bolt.
Autolock Time Delay: 0,3,6,9sec.
Lock signal:NO/NC/COM;Door signal:NO/COM.
Double protection for loading current.
Auto-relock if no Action within 5 secs.
Photoelectricity Control,Low Temperature,
  A:The  Low Current is Changed immediately;
  B:When door frame doesn`t coincide with door leaf ,door leaf against the bolt,then the electric bolt will start the low-power function to bring low temperature.
  C:The Photoelectricity Control Technology,prevent the machanical defect.


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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 30
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 54.5*20*30.5
Gross Weight(KG) 30
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