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Surface-mounted Electric Bolt W/Cylinder
YB-900 is an enhanced all-metal construction electric bolt.with European-type cylinder and key function,which has achieve the purpose of double use of electric control and manual control functions. The 304 stainless steel bolt , produced by CNC Lathe seiko, can withstand 2000kg holding force.The Professional and durable solenoid valve is qualified after 1 million times of ageing test. Rain-proof design satisfy the installation request of indoor and outdoor.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Feature Fail secure
Lock Body 329.5Lx41Wx46H(mm)
Bolt 29.5(length)*17.8(diameter)(mm) 
Voltage DC12V(DC24V need order)
Start Current 5.0A
Standby Current 0.6A
Signal Output Lock signal(NO/NC/COM)
Bolt strength 304 stainless steel, 2000kg holding force
Installation Can be installed to the left or down
Suitable For Steel gates; Heavy door
Optional Power YP-904-5
Material 304 stainless steel
Waterproof Level IP-55
Weight 1.8kg


Surface-mounted design
surface-mounted design,easy to install ,stable and durable
Suitable for double swing door
Designed for  180°double swing door, can be installed to the left or down.
Durable electromagnetic valve Design
The professional Durable electromagnetic valve Design,The service life more than 500000 times(the special design guarantee the use for 5-10 years)
All-metal construction Lock body
Enhanced metal construction ,the linkage parts use the strengthen Treatment Design,warranty the product more durable, more strong ,can be normally operated under the the temperature of heat or  severe cold
304 Stainless steel solid core Bolt
Integral stainless steel Solid material,produced by CNC Lathe seiko,can withstand 2000kg holding force.It’s  different from the hollow lock bolt on market which after the processing of hollow tube plug with rubber and fall off easily under impact force or severe cold environment.
Lock signal output option
A standard set of NO/NC/COM lock signal output.
Double use of electric control and manual control functions
Special European-type cylinder design , In the daily able to use double function ,both entrance guard control “electronic control” and emergency use "manual"
Customized various type of Lock cylinder
The standard factory supporting is 35mm Unilateral key,the single cylinder or Double cylinder is optional
Rain-proof Design
Rain-proof design satisfy the installation request of indoor and outdoor.



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