Electric Strike
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Long-type Electric Strike
Electric strikes come in many varieties.YS-132NO/NC is the electric strike with long faceplate. It has two modes: A fail safe electric strike needs power to keep it locked. A fail secure electric strike stays locked even without power.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Lock Size  250Lx25Wx31H(mm)
Strike Structure  Stainless Steel
Holding Force  500kg
Voltage  DC12V (Need Order DC24V)
Current  200mA(YS-132NO);200mA(YS-132NC)
Feature  Fail Secure(YS-132NO); Fail Safe(YS-132NC)
Suitable For:  Wooden Door,Metal Door,PVC Door
Surface Temperature  Within +20℃
Suitable Temperature  -10~+55℃(14-131F)
Operating Humidity  0~90%(non-condensing)
Face plate Housing  Painted Steel
Function  Built-out MOV
Optional Accessories YS-308
Weight  0.4kg
Holding 500kg.
Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bolt.
Testing to 100000 cycles.
High-Temperature Painted,Durable and Beautiful  Artical.
CE Certificate by European Union, MACertificate by China Public Security office.


YS-132NO NC.gif

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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 30
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 54.5*20*30.5
Gross Weight(KG) 11.7

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