Electric Strike
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ANSI standard Heavy Duty Electric Strike
The electric strike YS-136-s is the same as YS-136 except that the YS-136-S has signal output. YS-136-S is an ANSI standard Heavy Duty Electric Strike. This is suitable for many different doors. The operating principle of electric strike is that electromagnetism produces the force to pull or push the release lever so that to lock or open the door.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Lock Size  123Lx43Wx42H(mm)
Strike Structure  Stainless Steel
Holding Force  1000kg
Voltage  DC12V (Need Order DC24V)
Current  320mA
Signal Output  Door Status Output  NO/NC/COM
Feature  Fail Secure(YS-136NO-S); Fail Safe(YS-136NC-S)
Suitable For  Wooden Door,Metal Door,PVC Door
Surface Temperature  Within +20℃
Suitable Temperature  -10~+55℃(14-131F)
Operating Humidity  0~90%(non-condensing)
Face plate Housing  Painted Steel
Lock tongue  Surface by coating nickel
Function  Built-out MOV
Optional Accessories  YS-305  YS-306
Weight  0.34kg


Holding 1000kg
Special design,easy to adjust the distance of the Lock-tongue
Designed for Metal Frame drill a hole,then install it directly
Testing to 100000 cycles
High-Temperature Painted,Durable and Beautiful  Artical
CE Certificate by European Union, MACertificate by China Public Security office



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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 60
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 54.5*20*30.5
Gross Weight(KG) 23.4
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