Eletromagnetic Door Holders
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Door Holder Bracket for Glass Door
YDG-1 is door holder bracket for glass door,suitable for 12-18mm frameless glass door,used with YLI door holder series. U bracket for glass door;Install without drilling hole special design,door holder can suck with U bracket directly Thickening iron;Durable official authorized product of fire control project.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
DIMENSION  80L x 80W x 28H (mm)
FINISH  Be coated with chrome
MATERIAL  Thickening iron
SUITABLE FOR  12-18mm frameless glass door
USED WITH  YLI door holder series
ACCESSORY  1.5mm galvanized shim & soft rubber shim


U bracket for glass door; install without drilling hole
Special design, door holder can suck with U bracket directly
Thickening iron; Durable
Official authorized product of fire control project



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