Uninterrupted Power Supply
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Uninterrupted Power Supply Controller With LED
This is a fully automatic intelligent uninterrupted power supply controller.With high quality element and our top-notch skills in design and development, it can work smoothly and steadily.
It will never be low-charged and over-charged.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Box Size 226Lx226Wx82H(mm)
Input Voltage AC100 -240V, 50/60Hz  
Output Voltage DC12V
Unlock time 0-30seconds
Battery type Lead-acid battery 12V/7AH
Output current 5A
Weight 1.8kg

It is fitted with NO and NC output, controlling all types of electric lock.

The application of delay control circuit can ensure that unlocking time between 0-30 seconds.

UPS power is provided to automatically provide power in case of power failure.

Power will be automatically cut off when voltage becomes too low so as to protect the battery.

Door open button is applied to unlock the electric lock directly.

Red light is the power indicator, which lights up when inputting 220V. Green light is the battery

indicator. It goes out when the battery is being charged or dead, and lights up when the battery is

fully charged or being used.



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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 8
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 40*26*50
Gross Weight(KG) 20.2


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